Taptap Send

In recent years, telecom-based debit accounts (aka "mobile money") have become the predominant banking system for people living in emerging markets. However, transferring money from traditional financial institutions to developing countries is an expensive and inconvenient process - often requiring recipients to travel for hours to reach a physical bank and pay high fees when cashing out.

That’s where Taptap Send comes in. Taptap Send is the first consumer product from Segovia Technology, a financial services provider backed by Reid Hoffman. Taptap Send allows users to make instant, no fee transfers from a western bank account directly into a mobile money account.

Taptap Send branding by Virgina Sasser

I partnered with the Taptap Send team for 4 months in 2018 to launch the iOS & Android apps in the UK & France. Our initial audiences were Zambian and Ivorian immigrants (living in the UK & France) who intended to send money back home.

As an embedded member of the team I worked closely with product managers and lawyers to define requirements. I also partnered with a user researcher, based in the UK, who collected feedback from immigrant communities on early prototypes.

The primary functions of Taptap Send are transactional: uploading personal & financial information, authoring transfers, and reviewing ledger details - so our team looked for small moments to create delightful interactions.

Onboarding Interaction

We decided to use React Native to simplify cross-platform development. This allowed us to ship iOS & Android apps in rapid succession with limited component variation.



Taptap Send has continued to grow over the past few months, processing hundreds of thousands of dollars in transfer volume, expanding to accommodate international business transfers, and offering additional countries for distribution.

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